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Blog Tour Triple Book Review & Giveaway!- Caged Series by Shay Savage‏

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Liam & Tria’s gritty love story concludes in RELEASED!

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Title:  Released (Caged, #3) 
Author:  Shay Savage
Publication Date:  August 25th 2015 by Shay Savage, LLC

Plot:  Oblivion is a sweet, sweet place. 
No pain. No disturbing thoughts of the past. No guilt from my recent actions. 
Deep down, there is still a part of me that knows how screwed up I am. I don’t see a way out, not now. Tria’s gone, and the possibility of her forgiving me in my current state is exactly zero. I know I have to pull myself together, accept my responsibilities, and try to make amends, but I have no idea where to start. 
No job. No apartment. I’m living on the streets with the other junkies. As little as I had to offer Tria before, I have nothing to give her now. The only way out is to come clean and tell Tria the truth about my past, but the idea of reliving the memories is so painful, I can’t think about it long enough to figure out a solution. 
I’ve hit rock bottom, and I don’t even know which way is up any more. 

 Series Review  

Binge reading these three books for two straight days, I literally became a hermit from my everyday life.  I lived, breathed, and inhaled everything Shay Savage.

The Cage trilogy stars a gritty, alpha male cage fighter, Liam, and the mysterious Tria.

While I am used to reading fighter stories where it's no holds barred competition and very brutal, this series was much more different than what I thought it could be.  Particularly because, of the whole chemistry and rapport between Liam and Tria.

Their relationship didn't take off right away.  In book one, we learn a lot about Liam and how he meets and gets to know Tria.   But, I felt that bk2, accentuated more on Tria's story and delving more into her core.  Then the romance aspect kicked in more into the plot.

That's not to say that there was no sparks going on from the get go.  There was.  But, there was a strong build up towards it.

As for bk3--- wah, way to make an ending!!  After finishing bk2, I needed answers.  I had so many thoughts and emotions rummaging throughout my head that I just had to know how everything ended.

There was secrets unveiled, revelations, and twists that I did not expect.  It definitely kept me on my toes!!

Everything came full circle in the finale and we learned a lot more about each character than we already didn't think that there was and you can't help but wonder if there's nothing that author Shay Savage won't throw at you.

Sorry!  But you're wrong.  There are many essential themes we learn throughout this, and it is the feelings of unwavering love, honesty, forgiveness, and redemption; as well as confronting shards of your past and making peace of it to build toward a better future.

Awesome, awesome trilogy!  I highly recommend!!


My Rating:

I reached out and touched the edge of the pillow.  It was insanely soft and warm.  I stroked it, and images of Tria’s breasts crawled through my head, making me smile.  I stroked my cock as I thought about her, but I couldn’t come.
I could hear a voice in the other room, but it didn’t concern me, so I didn’t move.  Through heavy eyelids, I watched the piles of dirty laundry all over the floor.  I found shapes of animals in the patterns, just like cloud pictures.
“The beans are gone.”
I rolled my head to the side and looked up at Krazy Katie’s face.  I smiled and tried to say something, but my tongue wasn’t cooperating.  I focused on her eyes as they stared down at me quizzically.
“Trains need an engineer,” Krazy Katie said.
“It’s okay,” I said.  My tongue still felt weird, all numb and heavy.  I twisted it around in my mouth, and it tickled my teeth.  I blinked a couple of times before looking back at my neighbor.  “I got the helm.  I’m all good.”
Did trains have a helm, or was that just boats?  I laughed.
Krazy Katie covered her eyes with one hand.  I could see her chest rising and falling as she took long breaths.  I started counting slowly in my head but quickly forgot the number.
“Left the station,” she said quietly.  “No engineer.  Kicked in the caboose.  Nothing but tracks.”
She turned in slow motion, and I watched vapor trails of her dull blue T-shirt swirl around the room as she left.  I heard the window slide shut and then silence.
“I’m all good,” I whispered.
There was no reply.
Even though my arms and legs were way too content to be bothered with moving, I shoved myself out of bed anyway.  My rig was sitting on the kitchen table, all ready to go.  I was still pretty high, but I could feel darkness closing in around me, and I didn’t want it.
I wanted warmth and happiness.
Plastic tube, arm slap, needle prick.
“Like a fucking pro.”
I lay my head on the table as the fluid sensations rippled through me.  Tria didn’t matter.  She’d forgive me in time.  In fact, she was probably already over it.  How could she not be?
“I’m good.  Really, I am.”

I was never one to lie to myself, but it was getting easier all the time.

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 Caged Series Reading Order 

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Takedown (Book One) Caged Series


Trapped (Book Two) Caged Series

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Released (Book Three) Caged Series

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 About the Author 

shay savage

Always looking for a storyline and characters who fall outside the norm, Shay Savage’s tales have a habit of evoking some extreme emotions from fans. She prides herself on plots that are unpredictable and loves to hear it when a story doesn’t take the path assumed by her readers. With a strong interest in psychology, Shay loves to delve into the dark recesses of her character’s brains–and there is definitely some darkness to be found! Though the journey is often bumpy, if you can hang on long enough you won’t regret the ride. You may not always like the characters or the things they do, but you'll certainly understand them.

Shay Savage lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. She’s an avid soccer fan, loves vacationing near the ocean, enjoys science fiction in all forms, and absolutely adores all of the encouragement she has received from those who have enjoyed her work.

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