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ARC Review- Mine Tonight (The Blue Dynasty #4) by Lisa Marie Perry

Title:  Mine Tonight (The Blue Dynasty #4)  
Author:  Lisa Marie Perry
Publication Date:  March 17th 2015 by Harlequin Kimani

Plot:  You’ll only ever have one forbidden love. 

Care to know why?

Because when you find it, forbidden love that is, you’ll forget everything else. You’ll forget your first kiss. You’ll forget the first boy who made you smile. You’ll forget all the bad, and remember all the good. You’ll forget that it’s wrong. You’ll forget that it hurts. You’ll forget everything that came before him. 

Forbidden love, it has a way of changing you. The secrets. The lies. The guilt. You want something so much you no longer care about the world around you. The passion takes away the pain. I’ve felt it. I’ve lived it. I didn’t need it, but it chose me. 

I met him before I knew. I loved him before I knew. 

I didn’t know that he was my stepbrother. I knew I had stepbrothers, but I didn’t know he was one of them. Now I know, I have to walk away. My mom, she deserves this happiness so much more than I do. If she ever knew…it would destroy her. 

You have to understand why.

I saw my father die right in front of my tiny, eight year old eyes. He took my sister with him. All that’s left is my mother and I. She’s found her happy place, the only place she’s had since our worlds were destroyed. 

So you see, I can’t have him. 

I can’t want him. 

But there’s this problem with passion, and love, and destiny. 

It doesn’t give you a damned choice.

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

Mine Tonight tells the story of a politician’s daughter and a broken ex-football player-- both of whom are just looking for answers.

I liked the dynamic of this plot, as both characters must confront their past and present in order to forge their own futures.

There is an element of healing, there is one of growing, and there is one of unconditional love.

I really enjoyed this fourth installment as we not only get transferred to an exotic and transcendent setting, but we also get to venture on a journey of second chances at life and self-worth and discovery. It was very fulfilling and satisfying to see these characters reform and find absolution.

Definitely a book to one-click and sign that I need to read the first three books in this series!! Haha


My Rating:
 About the Author 


Contemporary Romance Writer Next Door. Made in the USA. Author of Happy-Ever-Afters with Spice.

Lisa Marie Perry encounters difficult fictional men and women on a daily basis. She writes contemporary romance fiction with plenty of sizzle, energy and depth. Flawed, problematic, damaged characters are welcome. Her tales feature exciting multicultural mash-ups, sexy guy-next-door heroes and powerful larger-than-life alphas who are brought to their knees by the love of complicated women.

According to Lisa Marie, an imagination’s a terrible thing to ignore. So is a good cappuccino. After years of college, customer service gigs and a career in caregiving, she at last gave in to buying an espresso machine and writing to her imagination’s desire. She lives in America’s heartland and she has every intention of making the Colorado mountains her new stomping grounds. She drives a truck, enjoys indie rock, collects Medieval literature, watches too many comedies, has a not-so-secret love for lace and adores rugged men with a little bit of nerd.

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